Drs. Albrecht Ploum (born in 1943, The Netherlands) is a psychologist who studied at Radboud University Nijmegen (NL).

Earlier he studied the work of important philosophers and theologians. After numerous  study trips through Europe en America he became a passionate amateur underwater explorer. He became interested in the philosophical and psychological perception of forms and studied intensively the role of shape resemblances (= similarities) at the development of new scientific theories.




PhD Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 moon astronaut (1930-2016) wrote about Ploum’s work. Mirror of the Universe…

…‘Often a keen observer unfettered by tradition can see patterns in nature overlooking or ignored by experts in a scientific field. Albrecht Ploum has done just that, not only within scientific discipline but across a spectrum of disciplines. It takes great courage for a psychologist to suggest to botanists and astrophysicists that the processes they are independently study have something in common, or to anthropologists and geologists that the ontogeny of humans and the morphology of earth have interesting similarities…’